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Human Resources

For A Long Time Looking For The Following Positions:







The number of requirements

To apply for conditions


The guy

20 people


College or above, major in mechanical/electrical automation or related major


More than 3500 a month

200 people




More than 3500 a month



 1、The probation period wage of 2400 yuan, after signing a formal labor contract can enjoy seniority, education subsidies, etc.

 2、8 hours a week, 4 days off a month, pay social insurance.

 3、Free accommodation, dormitory, free broadband, TV, central air conditioning, The dining room enjoy subsidized meals.

 4、Post: sewing worker, mechanic, electrician, facility manager, electrical administrator, inspector, mould administrator, lab technicians, planner, technician.



The contact:0539-8898266 / 15020596868 / 13105397577


Online registration method:qilu talent network, graduates employment information network

Company address: Linyi economic and technological development zone the Lianbang road and Meikai road interchange west road 100 meters

Route:Linyi station take the number 33 to terminus, turn to the 205 bus to Sansheng Ancient Temples, five hundred meters east road